Araki Yuu Fall Winter Collection is in store!


It is super hot in Tokyo!

Today is July 29th. Did you know that today’s birthday flower is cactus? There is a traditional meaning attached to each flower, that stands with their own significance and importance. The flower meaning for Cactus is “Passion”. 

It is a perfect word for me to introduce one of the most passionated brand, Araki Yuu.

Araki Yuu is a Japanese brand, their principle is to make clothes entirely by the designer’s hand on all processes. Even the covers are made by him. We can feel the love and passion that he have towards his collection.

IMG_6587 IMG_6584

He uses mainly exclusive fabrics created by collaborations with a few Japanese historical textile mills, which has been running over at least century. 


His traditional techniques are one of the finest craftsmanship in Japan. 

This is the real MADE IN JAPAN.


First, let me introduce the lineup of his beautiful shirts.

Araki Yuu. Pointed Collar Shirts. SES01. White.

IMG_6113 IMG_6117

IMG_6127 IMG_6135

Regular fitted silhouette with semi wide spread collar with pocket. Hand stitched tag with the stamps are also done by the designer himself. They represents as the designer’s signature instead of using logos.


Araki Yuu. Band collar long shirts. SES05. White.

IMG_6244 IMG_6247

IMG_6256 IMG_6251

Tunic length shirt with gather around the neckline creates loose silhouette. This shirt can be worn by itself or works very well with layered style.


Araki Yuu. pointed collar narrow shirts. SES06. White.


IMG_6216 IMG_6218

IMG_6210 IMG_6211

This shirt is fitted around the chest to the waist, loose at the hem, which creates three dimensional silhouette.

All three above shirts are made by the same fabric, 100% cotton. The fabric it naturally finished, which makes it look they are straight out from the wash.


Designer successfully gave natural taste in his collection by using organic cotton.

Araki Yuu. pointed collar narrow shirts. SES06. Ecru

IMG_6161 IMG_6163

IMG_6167 IMG_6169

This shirt is the same shape as the shirt I introduced one before. Same look, different fabric, totally different taste!


Araki Yuu. No collar narrow shirts. SES07. Ecru

IMG_6143 IMG_6145

IMG_6147 IMG_6150

The silhouette is almost same as above but more loose in the back, and of course without the collar.  The hems are cut off but well finished so that the threads won’t tare off.


Araki Yuu. Round Collar Shirts. SES02. Ecru

IMG_6431 IMG_6433

IMG_6268 IMG_6272

Regularly fitted shirt with round collar. The length are little bit longer.

All of the buttons that are used with the organic cotton shirts are made out of brass. Special technique is use to make them look aged. They are all hand made by the designer so each ones are slightly different. 


Lastly, special shirt made out of Japanese paper.

Araki Yuu. band collar pullover shirts. SES04. White.

IMG_6223 IMG_6228

IMG_6230 IMG_6233

This is narrow fitted, band collar shirt.  It is pleated in front to created three dimensional silhouette. The hems and the collar are cut off, but because they are well sewn, it doesn’t look casual.



Next, the items are made out of special fabric. They look rough but the touch is very smooth because they are made out of 100% silk.

Araki Yuu. Atelier Coat. SEC01 special. Grey.

IMG_6541 IMG_6542 

IMG_6554 IMG_6571

The lining is very soft touch, by using raised cotton fabric. The support buttons is one of a kind. They are made out of leather. 


Araki Yuu. cropped pants. SEP04. Grey

IMG_6574 IMG_6578

IMG_6580 IMG_6331

Araki Yuu.hooded jacket. SEJ04 special. Grey.

IMG_6510 IMG_6512 

IMG_6518 IMG_6529


Another special fabric is used in the next lineup. They are a combination of silk, linen, wool, and cashmere. The color is beautiful deep black. 

Araki Yuu. soutain collar coat. C02 special. Black.

IMG_6464 IMG_6467

IMG_6469 IMG_6474

 The sizing and the length are well balanced A-lined coat.


Araki Yuu. 4B jerkin jacket. SEJ01 special. Black.

IMG_6441 IMG_6446

IMG_6454 IMG_6451

Araki Yuu’s iconic unisex jacket! Can be worn casual or formal. 


Araki Yuu. 2B classic jacket. SEJ02. Black.

IMG_6374 IMG_6377

IMG_6388 IMG_6380

Araki Yuu. bal collar jacket. SEJ03 special. Black.

IMG_6409 IMG_6413

IMG_6415 IMG_6420


Araki Yuu. Wide pants. SEP02. Black.

IMG_6299 IMG_6301

IMG_6308 IMG_6311


Araki Yuu. Cropped Pants. SEP04 special. Black

IMG_6281 IMG_6283

IMG_6286 IMG_6287

Araki Yuu. loop holes vest. SEV02. Black.

IMG_6339 IMG_6341

IMG_6349 IMG_6359

Very beautiful fitted V-neck gilet can be worn as three pieces or just simple layered style with shirts!


At last, (I’m sorry this is going to be personal but) my favorite item from this collection! 

Araki Yuu. Atelier Coat. SEC01 special. Black.

IMG_6487 IMG_6490

IMG_6493 IMG_6496

Beautifully made very simple but volumed atelier coat. The shoulders are dropped a little and the fabric is flared to the hem.


As I mentioned before, all buttons are hand made, and some of them are white/ black coated. The coating will ware off as time goes by and you can enjoy the change over time!


Araki Yuu’s items are timeless.  His craftsmanship  (I have to say this one more time)is the real traditional MADE IN JAPAN. 

As always, thank you so much for reading ‘til the end.

I hope you all take a look at Araki Yuu’ collection. We will have the model photos up very very soon so stay tuned!







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