CEDRIC JACQUEMYN is now available!


It is still hot in Tokyo. I am so tired of this heat. Aren’t we all ready for nice fall cool breath? I know I am.


Today’s birthday flower is Hibiscus Mutabilis, also known as Confederate Rose. The traditional flower meaning is “Delicate Beauty”. It reminded me of a certain brand, who is expert working with delicate natural materials, offers a conscious take on its fragility, and creates beautiful garments: 



Remember, everything is locally made in Antwerp!

First beautiful material used is Virgin Wool 100%. 

CEDRIC JACQUEMYN. Shawl Collar Suit Jacket. JA59B/ FA163. Black

Model  size 46  (169cm 56kg)

 IMG_5212 IMG_5215

IMG_5228 IMG_5227

IMG_6219 IMG_6164

IMG_6172 IMG_6179


Virgin wool is known to be very soft and fine. It can be used to identify the wool one gets from shearing an adult lamb for the first time.


CEDRIC JACQUEMYN. Long Raw Collar Suit Jacket. JA66/ FA163. Black

Model size 46 (169cm 56kg)

IMG_5237 IMG_5240

IMG_5243 IMG_5244

IMG_6297 IMG_6305

The difference between the virgin wool and regular wool is that wool can be made from recycled existed wool fabric, where as virgin wool is not previously been processed or woven. So they are much more limited and rare.


CEDRIC JACQUEMYN. Long Raw Collar Waist Coat Vest. JA66B/ FA163. Black

Model size 46 (169cm 56kg)

IMG_5266 IMG_5269

IMG_5279 IMG_5284

IMG_6203 IMG_6206

IMG_6172 IMG_6297


Next items are very interesting. The outer fabric is a mixture of virgin wool and linen. By adding linen into virgin wool, it gave stiffness into a fabric. So the silhouette is more sharp.

CEDRIC JACQUEMYN. Padded Suits Jacket. JA76/ FA191. Black

IMG_5286 IMG_5289

IMG_5302 IMG_5310

IMG_6278 IMG_6257



Both jacket and coat is padded and he purposely have the cotton waddings come out from the seams which gives accent to black garments.

CEDRIC JACQUEMYN. Long Padded Coat. JA78/ FA191. Black

Model size46  (186cm  67kg)

IMG_5317 IMG_5320

IMG_5445 IMG_5447

IMG_6151 IMG_6124

IMG_6110 IMG_6157


Next I am going to introduce you to Cedric Jacquelyn Necklaces. 

Cedric, the designer himself is concern about the environmental issues, and  this collection is inspired by it as well.  He captured the beauty of the natural power and on opposite, the threat of environmental destruction.

Both necklaces idea came from the direct consequences of global warming and the Svalbard Global Seed Vault: 

A giant vault located deep in the permafrost on the island of Spitsbergen, storing about half a million crops, meant to protect the world’s crop diversity from natural or manmade disasters. 

二つの商品は地球温暖化とスヴァールバル世界種子貯蔵庫 (Svalbard Global Seed Vault)からアイディアを得てデザインされています。





IMG_5409 IMG_5386

IMG_5360 IMG_5392


This necklace is copper time capsule containing ash from the Icelandic Eyjafjnallajokull volcano: 

The duality of carrying around fertility, a cure for destruction, a talisman for renewal. 

But at the same it can be seen as the incarnation of one of the most destructive forces known to men…




IMG_5420 IMG_5437

IMG_5423 IMG_5428

If all the ice would melt, even this vault can’t protect us from losing the biodiversity…

To translate Cedric’s concern: He put seedlings into a small vault-looking protective space. So we can carry them with us, trying to protect what remains…




After reading the Cedric’s notes which came with the necklaces, I started to think it is our duty, as well, to not forget how serious environmental destruction can threat us. It could happen anywhere anytime in the world. I decided to translate the note into Japanese, so more people in our country will feel what Cedric Jacquemyn is trying to tell us. 



One more information!

T.A.S &  LEON LOUIS collaboration Perfume is now available as well!

It is a blend of green tea and black rose which gives oriental smell.

T.A.S×LEON LOUIS #000000 Perfume ‘Green tea×Black rose’

IMG_2160 IMG_2161

Outside is rubber coated and comes with original tin can box.


As always, thank you very much for reading til the end. I hope you all have wonderful week!


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