T.A.S x iolom x Node by KUDO SHUJI Pre-Order


Here we are, right in the middle of Golden Week Vacation. Tokyo is warm and windy every day!

As you all might already know, GULLAM is having Pre-Order exhibition right in our store. 

Brands are…   iolom/ T.A.S/ Node by KUDO SHUJI

Today, I am here to recommend few interesting items from each brands.  Some of them are not in our shopping page, so if you are interested, click on “CONTACT GULLAM” below and let us know which one strikes your heart.



First, we have Japanese Jewelry Brand, iolom!

IMG_3878 io-002-03

iolom. io-002-03.

¥15,000 + TAX

IMG_3865  IMG_3836

This necklace is made out of Enamel Resin, which is a melted glass, used in traditional Japanese pottery. This can be made in 4 different colors: (from left) Blue, Green, Red, and Half Clear.  Please note that each ones are slightly different since they are all hand made. 


IMG_3872 IMG_3875

Next we have aroma diffuser necklace! There is a diffuser stick, which is made out of japanese wisteri, inside the brass metal cylinder to absorb the aroma oil.

Aroma oil is organic and blended by the designer himself! Comes in three different smells

#0: Mandarin & Basil #1: Hinoki & Lemon Grass #2: Hiba & Patchouli

¥25,000 + TAX

IMG_3917 IMG_3922

Here is a backpack from iolom, made out of Japanese Horse Leather with brass details.

¥73,000 + TAX


Second, we have Japanese leather brand, T.A.S!

IMG_3832 IMG_3833

This is leather covered broken dish!  This round dish is from the present. 

¥22,000 + TAX


This dish is from the Jomon Period (around 8000 B.C.E. – 250 B.C.E.) , a straw rope- patterned ancient Japanese pottery wrapped with leather (OF COURSE!). One and only!!

¥22,000 + TAX

IMG_3883 IMG_3884 

IMG_3885 IMG_3892 

Do you think this is a stoned ring? Maybe like a moon stone? No, no, no! This is pig skin covered ring. Comes in two colors; cream white or iced black!

¥28,000 + TAX

Here is collapsible leather covered Analog Speaker.

¥30,000 + TAX


At last, we have Japanese Jewelry brand, Node by KUDO SHUJI.

IMG_3904 IMG_3906

Node by KUDO SHUJI P-32

¥36,000 + TAX

The concept of Node by KUDO SHUJI is “Wearable Sculpture”. 


Bracelet: BR-11 Silver925

¥44,000 + TAX

Two Fingers Ring: R-46 Silver 925

¥50,000 + TAX


If you have any questions regarding on the items below (more photos, sizes, quality, etc.), please contact us! We will be happy to assist you!



Pre-Order Sale Event (no appointment needed)

Brands: T.A.S / iolom/ node by KUDO SHUJI 

Date: April 29th, 2016 ~ May 8th, 2016

下記の期間、T.A.S / iolom/ node by KUDO SHUJIの展示受注会を行っております。ご来店、心よりお待ちしております。




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