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Sunny but windy day today in Tokyo, while I am suffering from the pollen allergy. I hope everyone in the world is having a beautiful day.

Today, I am going to introduce new items from iolom and some recommendations.  Some of the new items are super new that only GULLAM carries!   So, those of you who are already iolom’s fan or going to be one, get ready to check them out!

First, our recommendations! iolom’s famous oxidized silver series.

IMG_4090 IMG_4096

iolom. io-02-045. stone. 

Ag950 Silver

¥22,000 + TAX

As you can see, the silver is oxidized so they are black. However, the black discolors into silver over time and leave only the black in the gaps.

IMG_4367 IMG_4359

Ring: iolom io-01-015-D

IMG_4166  IMG_4163

iolom io-01-048  

Ag950 silver is one of the finest silver. 950 is  95% silver and 5 per cent copper or other metals. They are softer and sensitive than pure silver, which creates fine quality and craftsman in silver jewelry. 

¥30,000 + TAX

IMG_0549 IMG_0550

iolom io-015-01 C Stone

¥26,000 + Tax


*REMEMBER! For all the rings, custom size order is available within 7 ~ 10 days after order is placed.


Next, the brand new Enamel Resin items!  These series are created in the past, but has been renewed. They used to come in 4 colors: Blue, Green, Red, and Half Clear. But now we have BLACK! 

Please note that new items does not have a shopping page yet but if you wish to purchase please click on “CONTACT GULLAM” below and let us know which one strikes your heart.


IMG_5817 IMG_5823

Enamel Resin Ring. Black. 

¥16,000 + TAX

IMG_5753 IMG_5768

Coordinated with…

Bracelet: Enamel Resin Bracelet. Black. (New) ¥23,000 + Tax

IMG_5837 IMG_5851

Necklace: Enamel Resin Cylinder Necklace. Blue

Rings: iolom. io-01-063 唐紙叩き小. Ag950

iolom. io-01-063 唐紙叩き大. Ag950

iolom. io-01-063 イモ槌目. Ag950

iolom. io-01-063 Stone. Ag950



 IMG_5812 IMG_5815

Enamel Resin Wide Ring. Blue.

¥20,000 + TAX

IMG_5746 IMG_5737

Coordinated with…

Ring: iolom. io-01-076 Ag950

Bracelets: iolom. io-02-018 White

iolom. io-02-026

Necklace: Horse Hair Necklace. io-02-021. Ag950

IMG_5828  IMG_5831

Enamel Resin Necklace. Red

¥20,000 + TAX

IMG_5779  IMG_5776

Coordinated with…

Ring: iolom io-01-037 Ag950

Bracelet: iolom. io-02-010. Ag950



IMG_5843  IMG_5839

Enamel Resin Bracelet. Red. 

¥23,000+ TAX

IMG_5808 IMG_5787

Coordinated with…

Necklace: iolom. Diffuser Necklace(Long). io-03-054. Ag950

Bracelet: iolom. io-02-026

Ring: iolom. io-01-016-A Melt Ag950


*Please note that each ones are slightly different since they are all hand made. 


To see more items of iolom, please check our shopping page!

As always, thank you very much for reading ‘til the end.

We will be back real soon!!



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