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Finally, Tokyo is getting chilly. We are having a lot of rain recently due to change of seasons, from summer to fall.

Today is September 13th. The birthday flower is Lantana. The traditional flower meaning is “Cooperation”. Some of you already might know, DEVOA has been with GULLAM since we have opened. Cooperation. What a perfect word to explain the relationship between the brand and us. 

I am very excited to introduce, for the first time in English, our dear friend, DEVOA’s new Fall/ Winter items.


DEVOA. Jacket Heavy Jersey. JKI-KSN. Dark Navy

img_9714  img_9719-1 


This jacket is made out of irregularity textured raschel knitted heavy jersey. They were dyed with sumi-ink (charcoal ink). This dark navy was dyed in blue and then dyed over with charcoal ink to bring out deep navy color.  


Below is the same jacket in Charcoal Dyed.

DEVOA. Jacket Heavy Jersey. JKI-KSN. Charcoal Dyed

img_8841 img_8844


DEVOA. Jacket Heavy Jersey. JKY-KSN. Dark Navy

img_9738 img_9731


This is high neck zip-up made out of the same fabric as the jacket.  The neckline is loose fitted so can be coordinated with snood or shawl.


And of course, this comes in Charcoal Dye as well.

DEVOA. Jacket Heavy Jersey. JKY-KSN. Charcoal Dyed

img_8948 img_8955 img_8951 img_8956


DEVOA prides itself on the use of innovative fabrics and organic materials. I think they should be because next item is made out of two of the finest materials combined.

DEVOA. Hooded pull over cashmere x wool (winton). FJC-WCR. Black

img_9694 img_9707


The main material is made out of combination of the finest Tasmanian WINTON wool, which is known for super fine count yarn, and Cashmere. They are very light and warm. But to use this fabric for the main body, this hoodie is super luxurious. 


We also have a jacket made out of the same fabric.

DEVOA. Jacket Cashmere x Wool (Winton). CJC-WCR. Black

img_9022 img_9024

img_9017 img_9020

The fabric that is used in the back and on the elbow is fine quality Wool Super 140’s fabric. These two items are made out of the highest ranked fabrics, which you all MUST try.


DEVOA. Jacket Schoeller Cork Shell. JKI-SCS. Black

img_9783 img_9765

The riders jacket is made out of innovative and highly functional fabric for humans and the environment by Schoeller company from Switzerland. Devoa has been using there fabrics from past few seasons. The collaboration of the company and the brand successfully build the most comfortable riders every made in the history. 

DEVOA. Anatomical Pants Schoeller Cork Shell. PTF-SCS. Black

img_9827 img_9834

This is DEVOA’s new model for anatomical trousers. They are well fitted with beautiful design of wrinkles that is made by the movement of the body. These fabrics are 4 way stretch so they are very easy to wear,  as they are water proof, and has humidity controlling function, which breath air right through. 



DEVOA. Loose Pants Schoeller Cork Shell. PTF-SCJ. Black

img_9153 img_9166

img_9156 img_9167

The loose fitted trouser made out of the Schoeller fabric is super comfy which will give you great pleasant in winter season. The surface is made out of cork and the reverse side is made with 3 layers of micro fleece. 


Next, I am going to introduce two special fabrics used in two items in pairs: DEVOA’s new M-51 fishtail parka and loose pants.

M-51 is inspired by the 1951 army issue used by the United States Army. They are called fishtail because the length of the coat is longer at the back than it is at the front. DEVOA successfully approached it army look by their famous construction pattern toward movement of skin, muscle, and frame of an action.


DEVOA. M-51 Wool Flannel. CTI-NMK. Black

img_9894 img_9880

img_9895 img_9878

DEVOA. Loose Pants Wool Flannel. PTF-NMK. Black

img_9190 img_9191

img_9194 img_9197


These are made out of  high quality wool flannel with good amount of luxurious glaze.  It has good stretch and the chemistry of DEVOA pattern techniques and the fabrics made the garments easy to wear.

The pants are upgraded version from SS16. They lessen the volume a little bit and gave tucks around the knee, which gives drapy feeling.


DEVOA. M-51. Wool Venetian Cloth. CTI-NWD. Dark Navy.

img_9363-1 img_9365

img_9291 img_9298-1

DEVOA. Loose Pants Wool Venetian Cloth. PTF-NWD. Dark Navy.

img_9774 img_9669

These are same shape as wool flannel, but made out of high quality Venetian cloth wool.  The texture is smooth and gives good amount of glossiness. They are absolutely unbelievably comfortable!


DEVOA. Coat Wool heavy georgette white pigment coating. CTI-NHJ. Stone.

img_9863 img_9851

img_9328 img_9325

The Coat give beautiful silhouette where shoulder does not fall with raglan sleeve.


DEVOA. Jacket Wool heavy georgette white pigment coating. JKI-NHJ. Stone.

img_9673 img_9683

img_8793 img_8798

This jacket is one of the designs that can be stylized with many coordinates. Very minimal and can be enjoyed by the texture of the fabric used.


DEVOA. Loose Pants Wool heavy georgette white pigment coating. PTF-NHJ. Stone.

img_9153 img_9159


The fabric used in these items are made with thick double georgette, randomly coated with white pigments. The heaviness gives very distinctive drape. The rough texture is very extraordinary and has vintage look.


DEVOA Tasmanian Wool Zip Jacket. JKS-UTW. Charcoal.

img_9754 img_9758

img_9765 img_9770

DEVOA Tasmanian Wool Zip Jacket. JKS-UTW. Beige Gray.

img_8823 img_8826

img_9910 img_9917

DEVOA Tasmanian Wool Zip Jacket. JKS-UTW. Black.

img_8811 img_8813

img_0031 img_0040

These three minimal designed zip-up jackets are made by Tasmanian wool. Hardy sheep developed from the merino produces  fine Tasmanian wool. They are very thin and soft. The amount that can be found is limited, only 3% of the whole Australian wool industry. These are known as one of the luxurious and valuable wool.



DEVOA. Coat Wool/ Cotton. CTI-NWC. Black.

img_9840 img_9851

img_9856 img_9863

This coat is made out of cotton wool and was well received. Unfortunately they are sold out already but I am going to introduce the same shape coats made by different fabrics. 


DEVOA. Army Cloth Coat (LIMITED EDITION) Wool/ Cotton. CTI-KAC. Charcoal.

img_8751 img_8753


Very well shaped minimally designed coat made with strongly knitted cotton wool “Army Cloth”. The fabric gives sharp line while it has stretch so they are very comfortable to wear with additional DEVOA’s original action pleats on the back.


DEVOA. Coat Wool Serge. CTI-SWS. Charcoal. (LIMITED EDITION)

img_8764 img_8768

img_9316 img_9310

The same shape coat made with fine wool serge,  has more traditional and formal look. Both coats are made by DEVOA’s original fabric which was made limited amount for special editions. The collar lining is made out of cashmere, gives you stress-free comfort.



DEVOA. Snood Silk & Cotton. ACC-STI. Charcoal

img_9230 img_9232

This snood is made out of light ribbed silk cotton fabric. Wool paddings have been inserted to give volume.


DEVOA. Layered Pants Tasmania beaver. PTF-ITM. Gray.

img_9215 img_9218

The double layered trouser is made with tasmanian wool finished in beaver technique. Beaver technique makes the wool fur falls into same direction permanently, which gives no pilling. The texture will become more beautiful as time pass.


DEVOA is constantly evolving to produce innovative garments based on hypothesis and theory of evolution of human body. We are very proud of having them in our store and will continue to tell the story of DEVOA.

Not only us but rest of the world is attracted to the creation of  DEVOA. Please feel free to contact us anytime. We will help you find the right items for you!


As always, thank you very much for reading until the end. I hope you enjoyed reading about DEVOA!


Have a nice week!



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