Nude: Masahiko Maruyama Coat Styling!


It is beautiful day in Tokyo. Blue sky, sun is shining, nice cool breath… I definitely hear the footsteps of the winter 🙂 

Today I am going to introduce 3 coats with styling recommendations from nude: mm

Masahiko Maruyama established nude:mm in Japan in 1996. The name “nude” represent simplicity and easiness. His garments are design oriented, but simple. The main concept is to produce with hight quality and functionality.  They are well known for their structured silhouettes and minimal color palette. His iconic models features high collars, asymmetrical closures, and slick finishing lines, on top of the quality of Japanese craftsmanship is beyond compare.


So here are the three coats that we proudly recommend!


NUDE: MM. Double Layered High Neck Coat. NDH-1152. Black.

Model Size 2 (Height: 186cm)

img_5708 img_5715

 img_5775 img_5660

img_5733 img_5758

Outer shell is made out of Cotton/ Wool. It has wash-and-wear treatment, which gives rugged vintage military look with the paints on each sleeves. This coat comes in Khaki as well.


NUDE: MM. Double Layered High Neck Coat. NDH-1152. Charcoal Khaki.

img_5878 img_5905

img_5916 IMG_6579

img_5802 IMG_5944

With the red prints as great accent, khaki gives more military flavor! 


NUDE: MM. 3 Layered Needle Punched Coat. NDH-1162. Black

IMG_6493 IMG_6473

IMG_6082 IMG_6520

Two types of wools are needle punched to create plaid. The wools are both black so the pattern does not stands out but they are very subtle and elegant.


All three coats above are coordinated with…

Headwear… A.F Artefact. Knit Cap. ag-1206. Black

Pants (one on the photos are sold out so here is something similar)… DRKSHDW. DU16F8394. “PRISONNER DRAWSTRING” Sarouel Jodphurs.RN . Black

Shoes… DEVOA. Leather Shoes. FW-COS. Mix Black.


We coordinated the coats more to the mature  street mode look, but as you can see, nude:mm is very beautifully structured, so can be worn formally as well.  The materials are fine Made-In-Japan quality. These three are this winter’s MUST HAVE items!

As always, thank you for reading ‘til the end. I hope you enjoyed reading about nude:mm. We have more items from the brand so please check out the shopping page below.



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