Araki Yuu. Jackets.

Back in the glorious old days, when real tailors made clothes entirely by themselves,that was when people understood the “genuine craftsmanship” of the artisans.

It is hard to feel even a slight touch of true creation nowadays, as we are all  living and depending on technologies. 


I know many of us become thirsty for the warmth of the hand made garments.  We want to feel the time which designer spent sewing and hand-dyeing, putting together everything by himself.  


Imagine how many hours he is facing, just to create one whole garments.


The valuable element of Araki Yuu’s collection is “Time”.  


Today, I am here to introduce Araki Yuu’s newest line of Jackets. Jackets are historically one of the standard items for mens, and Araki’s work reflects  hand and machine sewing techniques and pressing, which are unique to the construction of traditional jackets.


Araki Yuu. 2B Classic Jacket. THJ02. Black.


The jacket is made out of Japanese (washi) paper. Washi fabrics are light, absorbs water, and dries quickly.  They are very valuable but extremely complicated material to sew, which requires high techniques.

The black coated brass buttons are also hand made by Araki.The textile of the sleeve linings  match the texture of washi very well;I like how it looks nostalgic work jacket.


2017SS. Araki Yuu. Double Pocket Shirt Jacket. THJ06. Coal.



model (186cm,67kg) size1


model (169cm, 56kg) size 0


Random dyed linen  gives rugged essence to this clean shirt jackets. It can be worn as a jacket with shirts inside, but can be worn as a shirt with cut sews.  Either way, the color coal can be coordinated with any color; khaki, white, black, gray, indigo, etc.


Araki Yuu. 2B Classic Jacket. THJ02-Special. Dark Grey




The linen/ nylon fabric is dried slowly by the sunlight after dyeing, which helps to give unique softness and deep gray color.The balance of the gray and black lining with brass button is very mature yet can be worn casually.


Araki’s work is very sensitive yet straight forward.


All you need to do is wear them.


Then, as I said in the beginning, you will be able to experience the “Time” Araki have spent to create his garments.



As always, thank you very much for reading until the end.

Please remember that his items are very very limited.

Araki spends so much of his time, effort, and love to every each one.

So there will be no re-ordering nor special custom orders.




If you have any questions or wish to purchase Araki Yuu, 

please email us from contact page. 





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