der antagonist.

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der antagonist(デ・アンタゴニスト)は、デザイナーChristian Riegler氏によるハンドメイドの職人ブランド。
Christian Rieglerは、ハットで有名なトスカーナにて基礎から帽子作りを学び、それを独自のデザインに持ち越して、伝統的な工芸品への言及をあきらめることなく、現代のニーズを満たすために伝統的な職人技と現代の技術的ノウハウを組み合わせたアプローチで手作りの帽子を作ります。

der antagonist creates handmade hats to meet contemporary needs, without giving up reference to traditional craftwork.
The graduated fashion designer Christian Riegler learned the trade of hat making from Italian milliners in the countryside of Tuscany and carried it over into his own design to specialize in artisan headwear with a distinctive treatment and finish.
By distancing himself from conventional hat making, he rethinks the original idea and developed a way to connect headpieces with clothing. The hat is no longer a lonely sturdy piece on the head and becomes an integral part of the wearer's appearance without loosing its common sculptural independence.
The approach is a combination of traditional craftsmanship with modern technical know-how. Flexibility, durability and perfection are the result of the meticulous and elaborate handwork of der antagonist.
Each of his timeless and unique products is sewn by hand and receives special attention and time before its completion; a great effort has been made in material research and pattern design to create the perfect and convenient fit for each individual head.
The philosophy manifests itself not in a solely decorative design but primarily in a puristic one. Clear lines ensure comfort and confidence in daily use. The hats are portable objects which can be individually formed when worn, creating new shapes depending on the wearer’s mood.
In times of unnecessarily fast-paced trends and inevitable mass-consumption, the goal is to confront, interfere and antagonize uniformity by reviving an almost forgotten cultural signifier of identity.






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