Node by KUDO SHUJI is in store!


Beautiful but a little chilly day today in Tokyo. We are waiting for a real sunny day, where we don’t need to wear coats anymore. But let us still enjoy the chilliness of the spring!

Today I am here to introduce our Japanese hand made jewelry brand, Node by KUDO SHUJI,  which concept is “Wearable Art”.  What you see in his collection is strong ruggedness with very sensible techniques, like the rocks in the quiet stream.

IMG_5696   IMG_5705

We have various selection of Node, now available in store!

First, let me introduce the rings! 

*REMEMBER! For all the rings, custom size order is available within 7 ~ 10 days after order is placed.

IMG_3931   IMG_3934

Node by KUDO SHUJI. R-42

¥23,000 + Tax

IMG_4345   IMG_5725

Necklace: Node by KUDO SHUJI P-21

Bracelet: Node by KUDO SHUJI BR-04

http://Node by KUDO SHUJI BR-04

IMG_7087    IMG_7076

Node by KUDO SHUJI R-37

¥18,000 + TAX

IMG_5614  IMG_5632

Necklace: Node by KUDO SHUJI. P-35

Bracelet: Node by KUDO SHUJI. BR-12


Next is bracelet and necklace!

*It will be available within 7 ~ 10 days after order is placed, if items are sold out.

IMG_7173    IMG_7175

Node by KUDO SHUJI BR-05

¥33,000 + TAX

IMG_5462   IMG_5448

Ring: Node by KUDO SHUJI R-50

IMG_4626   IMG_4630

Node by KUDO SHUJI BR-08

¥56,000 + TAX

IMG_5511   IMG_5489

Necklace: Node by KUDO SHUJI P-30

Ring: Node by KUDO SHUJI R-47

IMG_0141   IMG_0163

IMG_1293 IMG_5660

Node by KUDO SHUJI. P-37

¥21,000 + TAX


Finally, the earrings!

IMG_0185   IMG_1258

Node by KUDO SHUJI. MY-01

¥14,000 + TAX

IMG_0220   IMG_1256

Node by KUDO SHUJI. MY-02

¥12,000 + TAX


Please check our shopping page for Node by KUDO SHUJI for more!

Also, Node by KUDO SHUJI is planning to  have his debut in Paris Mens Fashion Week soon!!

As always, thank you very much for reading ‘til the end.

We will be back real soon!!



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