New Collection from Leon Emanuel Blanck

By ignoring the boundaries of pattern-making, Leon Emanuel Blanck is evolving every season creating experimental design. 

He started out trying to drape a a pair of pants around himself.  Human motion, anatomy, and fashion created an odd chemistry. His experiments have gave birth to an unexpected pair of pants.

Leon’s ANFRACTUOUS DISTORTION project has given severe shock to fashion industry.

 GULLAM is proud to present destructive ingenious German creator, our dear friend, Leon Emanuel Blanck’s new collection.

DIS-AJ-01. Distortion Aviator Jacket. LEON EMANUEL BLANCK. SS17. Black


One of the most exciting action to take when you reach out and touch  Leon’s garments for the first time, is to flip everything over to see his unimaginable lines of complicated seams.

DIS-STC-01-S. Distortion Short Trench Coat. LEON EMANUEL BLANCK. SS17. Black

DIS-SBJ-01-L. Distortion Short Blazer. LEON EMANUEL BLANCK. SS17. Black

The inner pocket is made out of accent color with interesting paper-like fabric.

DIS-CP-01. Distortion Chem Pants. LEON EMANUEL BLANCK. SS17. Black

If you are already drawn into Leon Emanuel Blanck’s world, you got to try his pants. I have mentioned in the beginning, his Distortion project started out with pants.

DIS-3QCP-01. Distortion 3 Quarter Chem Pants. LEON EMANUEL BLANCK. SS17. Black

Leon’s T-shirts are simple but have unique unexpected darts.

DIS-GST-01. Distortion GS T-shirt. LEON EMANUEL BLANCK. SS17. Black

Comes in dark gray as well.

DIS-GST-01. Distortion GS T-shirt. LEON EMANUEL BLANCK. SS17. Dark Grey


DIS-DB-01. Distortion Dealer Bag. LEON EMANUEL BLANCK. SS17. Black

Beautiful shoulder bag made out of GUIDI’s horse leather. It got reel key-holder which hides underneath deep tuck on the back.

The buckle is FIDLOCK’s new magnetic self-securing V-Buckle.

It opens by tilting stainless steel flap.

Now, very special signature piece by Leon Emanuel Blanck.

This item was made only for a show and this is the only one in the whole entire world.

DIS-SBP-01. Distortion Stump Backpack. LEON EMANUEL BLANCK. SS17. Black

What do you think it is?? Turn your computer or iPhone inside down and you will see feel Leon’s magic.

The buckle is Cobra Buckle by AUSTRIALPIN from Austria.


Everything is handcrafted in Leon Emanuel Blanck Atelier, Germany.

“Every piece of the collection was once a sculpture fitted perfectly to the human anatomy without any regular seaming, coming to life once worn by people.”    -Leon Emanuel Blanck

Leon’s creation is atypical, extremely unique, and complicated



Simply beautiful.

They are fashion based art work.

Any inquires regarding on Leon Emanuel Blanck are welcome anytime. Please contact from our contact page.

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